Day 29 – 32 Java notes + first impression of Android.

6 Things about Java:

1. Everything Java has to be wrapped in a class.

2. Every Java project must call main function for it to work.

3. Java uses camelCase in function and variable names.

4. Java has to types of Arrays, an Array which has to have a set number of positions defined and an ArrayList which is like a vector in C++ in grows or shrinks naturally, which is really cool.

5. Is statically typed, which means that all variable need to be declared.

6. Due to inheritance and use of interface sometimes it is necessary to cast an object back to it’s original object class. This reminds me of fishing.


The android studio is a pain to install but it is nice to be in an IDE at last. Though I think it can make you be a more lazy when a lot things are easy to automate. However, I hope it will allow me to think more about the logic behind my code.

I am very much looking forward to making my first android app.


Day 26-28 Java!

I have been a bit quiet just absorbing Java. I have decided to mix things up and provide a video today talking about some of the features of Java.

javaIntro from Charlie Wood on Vimeo.


I also made a productivity bash script for blocking specific sites.

Day 25 and weekend: onwards and upwards!

I really found the project profoundly changed my mindset. I can now think of lots of projects I would like to accomplish and I think I have tools the tools and knowledge that can accomplish those projects.

I have started work on my portfolio website:

I am going to focus on vanilla html and css in the first place and then add hopefully Javascript in the future.

Day 20 + first project has arrived

Wow working on my first big web app. Quite an amazing experience actually. What really surprises is my ability is to interpret error message and immediately correct them. I have the attitude do not get stuck twice so I always record my mistakes and try not to make the same mistake again. At the very least, if I have done the same thing before I want to recognize it and immediately correct it. Shout out to anki.srs, space repetition software I use to remember everything.

I am really feeling positive toward coding everything is starting to click into place.  I definitely think I have jumped prematurely into front-end stuff but the logic is coming together very nicely as well.